Refund Policy


You understand and agree that Food Morning coupons/vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash in any of the following situations:

  1. the coupons/vouchers expired;
  2. the coupons/vouchers have been damaged, lost or stolen;
  3. you have changed your mind or you do not want the coupons/vouchers anymore;
  4. you made an appointment or booking with the provider but you did not attend or notify the provider; then the deal provider or the business merchant has the right to cancel your coupon/voucher. It is subject to the provider.


Food Morning will not accept refund for product orders or any coupons/vouchers UNLESS:

  1. the information on the coupon is incorrect;
  2. misleading information provided by Food Morning;
  3. the business merchant you redeem or claim from is closed or bankrupted.
  4. the supplier cannot fulfill your product order for any reasons.
  5. the product received is faulty or is different to the one ordered. Customers can request for an exchange first. Please see Product Warranty & Returns section.


Product Warranty & Returns

  1. Please refer to the individual product’s warranty.
  2. Faulty products can be returned for exchange if Food Morning is satisfied that the products are in their original states when arrived.
  3. For product exchanges, customers may be required to send in the faulty product to Food Morning, however, this may differ case to case subject to the supplier’s requirements. Instructions will be given at the time of exchange request.
  4. Food Morning will not cover shipping cost or any associated cost for the exchange.


Please contact us through our Online Support System should you need to request for a product exchange or refund. Simply click on the “Support Tab” on the right hand side of our website to trigger a support popup box.

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